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vpsgroups is offline uniwebhosting is completely fraud , i ordered 3 dedicated server with them for 2 years pay in advance and after 28 days all the server went down and they are no responding also they close our client account in the portal uniwebhosting.com/panel/clientarea.php , did not answered skype or email or call , they are a complete cheating company , you could check thire facebook page about too much complain against them.



hassanjamil20 is offline i bought a dedicated server paid $1050 for full year payment, and got scammed my server got crashed after 1 month and they are not replying to my query. a Fraud Company!


Xiphiar is offline
May 2015

I tried them back in January. Server went down in late march, noticed early april, and my account was removed from their billing panel. They didn't respond within a few days so I ended up filing a chargeback. Today, i received an eail saying they changed datacenters and i could either:

Get a refund of $160 (minus some "fees") of the $400 i paid for a year, or pay $220 to move the server and copy files.

This company solely exists to milk as much money as possible out of their customers.

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