Nitin Naresh is seriously a scam and rip off company, I was ripped for 280 euros and never got any server from them, they told me that they will refund me the amount and also told me that they have refunded me the amount but never refunded.


By MichaelLasota Reviewed 23/03/2016

Beware, beware. Be seriously aware. I signed up for their ``dedicated`` server which is reselling Hetzner servers - this is fine. However, I was given a runaround and constant delays as they ``were installing the system`` (which takes 20 minutes, I`ve been a direct Hetzner customer before - but was unaware he was reselling in the first place, but didn`t mind this aspect in general) and then when he said the login criteria would be sent to me, it was never. I asked to cancel, he sent a screen shot of invalid login information. After it didn`t work, I said so - and he said wait while he checks the criteria.
I felt uneasy about my order since the beginning and asked to cancel again - he ignored me, and has not written back in over a week.
I`ve filed a PayPal dispute for a refund from PayPal.
It looks like a nice website and he was REALLY nice to chat with at the beginning but then went wonky. ((Beware, product was never delivered. --- it has now been delivered with a long delay, and only after I wrote this review, with them asking me to now delete my review)))

** Edit, ironically after I write this review the product is delivered along with emails asking me to delete my review now. I told them I`ve asked for the refund long ago, and now they say they`ll give me a refund if I delete my review.

Catch 22. My review will be updated as to show product received, but only after I had to post a nasty review first to receive it.

** Final edit: PayPal dispute services refunded my 59 euros. Good riddance. I`m keeping far from this place.


By Davor Krstic Reviewed 04/01/2016

Fraud company!!! do not order. i lost all my dedicated servers and work after 2 months, year for their scam on net.


 By Hassan Jamil Siddiqui Reviewed 28/04/2015

i bought a dedicated server paid $1050 for full year payment, and got scammed my server got crashed after 1 month and they are not replying to my query. a Fraud Company!


By RhysWilliams Reviewed 03/04/2015

Uniweb has stolen my money after being with them for 3 months.

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