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Just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking of using Uniwebhosting or knows someone who is to keep away from them.

About three months ago a friend and I went 50/50 for one of their servers that they rent through (Hertzner?). We prepaid for the year using a deal they had going and for those three months we had a great time with the server.

Recently, they forgot to pay Hertzner for their servers and every user (IIRC) that was using Uniweb at the time had their servers shut down and the IPs blocked until Uniweb paid Hertzner.

Being a skeptical guy, my friend had checked out Uniweb right at the start and noticed a few people here and there saying that their servers were mysteriously shut down as well, but he also saw a greater amount of positive feedback. Even after those three months he still doubted them, but nothing bad had happened nor did we have any issues with the service.

Once the servers went down due to lack of payment from Uni->Hertz, my friend did a chargeback for his payment thinking that if they forgot to pay for the servers that Uniweb might actually be some sort of scam.

After a lot of phone calls back and forth with a company called (2checkout?) which I believe Uniweb was using for their payment, 2checkout decided to freeze all payments to Uniweb until the issue was investigated further.

Right after payments were frozen, they swapped right over to Western Union.

Now I'm not sure if this little story will convince anyone to stay away or at-least help you make a better decision about Uniweb on your own, but this is our experience with the company.

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